When one thinks of KM Bugatti, they inevitably think also of Kristi Waters.  When you meet Kristi, she’ll shake your hand or give you a hug and say, “Hi, I’m Bugatti’s Mom.”.  Bugatti and Kristi have an bond that defies logic to those that don’t understand how a horse can be someone’s soulmate.

KM Stables, Inc, started like most farms do, with a love of horses, a dream of winning roses, and a desire for tax breaks. Little did Kristi and her husband, Michael know, KM Stables would soon be on the map for owning and standing one of the Arabian breed’s greatest horses.  Over the past decade plus, KM Stables has bred many winning horses, including National Champion Western Pleasure Junior Horse, KM Palermo and multi-National Champion FVF Bucarrdi+/.

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